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Community Health Collection

A guide to support users of the Community Health Collection at MGH IHP.

The Community Health Collection is located on the 4th floor of Building 38 on 3rd Avenue in the Charlestown Navy Yard. It is accessible only by ID badge. If you would like help exploring the collection, please send an email to

Borrowing: Self-service check-out allows you to borrow anytime the library area is open. Please use the self-checkout station at the Library Help Desk to borrow and return items.



Monday-Thursday, 7AM-10PM
Friday, 7AM-7PM
Saturday, 8AM-4PM

With a librarian: by appointment


What is the Community Health Collection?

The Community Health Collection is a small collection of resources that support health promotion projects and community health outreach programs. In addition to 1000+ books, the library has interactive models, posters, curriculums, and more that you can borrow to bring on site for your program.

Search the Collection


Books are the majority of the collection. We have handbooks, story books, reference books, biographies, research, directories and more. For a complete list of subjects that we collect, please click here.
Visual Aids are materials like posters, 3-dimensional models, flip charts, and displays.
Curricula are available in a number of subjects, and most are intended for child and adolescent audiences. They often include worksheets, activity ideas, and media supplements. curricula
Kits are a unique resource type that combine items such as visual aids, pamphlets, curricula, etc. into a single package of materials that complement each other.
A limited number of Games are available for certain subjects. These resources may be board games, card games, etc. games
The library also has some DVDs available.

Essential Web Resources

These websites are authoritative sources for ideas and printable handouts.

Submit Your Project

We would like to include your community health project in our collection.  If you would like that as well, please visit the electronic submission form or

  1. Download the release form
  2. Have all of your group members sign it
  3. Contact and submit via email or let us know when you will drop it off.