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Physical Activity

Data about Physical Activity

CDC Physical Activity

  • Data and statistics on physical activity from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion: Physical Activity Guidelines 

  • Current US physical activity recommendations

HealthyPeople 2020- Physical Activity 

  • Goals, overview, and interventions for physical activity from HealthyPeople 2020

Physical Activity Council's 2017 Participation Report 

  • Data on physical activity participation in the US in different age groups in 2017 

World Health Organization: Physical Activity

  • Global information on physical activity 

How Many Calories Does Physical Activity Burn?

  • USDA's chart of common moderate and vigorous physical activities

Physical Activity for Children



National Institute of Health: Physical Activity Tools and Resources   

  •  Packet of different handouts and worksheets for children & parents  


PBS games 

  • List of physically active games for kids 

Indoor Activities 

  • Physically active games that can be played indoors from the University of Rochester Medical Center 

Adapted Physical Activities

  • Physical activities and games with suggestions on how to adapt for children with disabilities 

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Physical Activity for Adults



Physical Activity Handouts for Adults & Families 

  • Many different handouts related to physical activity from the MOVE! Weight Management program                   





Ways To Be Active

  • Ideas on how to add more physical activity to a person's daily routine 

Indoor Physical Activities

  • Physical activity ideas that can be done indoors 

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Physical Activity for Older Adults



Guide to Exercise and Physical Activity: National Institute on Aging  

  • Instructional booklet with information on how to create a exercise routine and examples of physical activity geared towards older adults         

Chair Exercises for Older Adults: University of Georgia  

  • Packet of different exercises that an older adult can do while seated


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Library Resources 

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