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Low Vision

Low Vision Population Data

Statistics and Data

  • Statistics from the National Eye Institute 

Living With Low Vision

  • Information for patients from the National Eye Institute 

What Causes Low Vision? 

  • Definitions of diseases and coniditons that cause low vision 

Health Disparities in Low Vision Population

Information and resources for particular health disparity areas for people with low vision 



Health Disparity #1: Nutrition 

​Nutrients and Eye Health 

  • List of vitamins and foods that promote eye health from the American Optometric Association 

Cooking and Eating with Low Vision 

  • PowerPoint slides from North Dakota State University and U.S. Department of Agriculture on information and strategies on cooking with low vision 

Eating Tips for the Sight Impaired 

  • Tip sheet to enhance independence for eating 




Health Disparity #2: Physical Activity 

Fitness for Individuals Who Are Visually Impaired or Deaf blind

  • Ideas on how to adapt exercises for people with low vision 

Physical Activities for Visually Impaired Youth 

  • Catalog of indoor and outdoor activities designed for the visually impaired 

Tipsheet: Exercises for Low Vision  

  • Handout from the National Institute on Aging 



Health Disparity #3: Home and Community Mobility

Orientation and mobility skills 

  • Right column contains links with tips on different areas of mobility  

Making a home vision loss friendly 

  • Tips on how making small changes in the home can help people with vision loss (American Foundation for the Blind) 

Transportation Guide for Low Vision 

  • Suggestions and tips for traveling with low vision 


Creating Your Own Materials

If you would like to create your own materials for an audience of people who have low vision, here are some resources that may help.

Everyday Living

Tips and resources to make daily living activities easier for people with low vision 

Low Vision Resources at a Glance 

  • Articles, handouts, videos and more from the National Eye Health Education Program 

Tips for Living with Low Vision

  • Suggestions on how to adapt daily activities for people with low vision 

Resources for College Students with Visual Impairments

  • A collection of resources, tools, and services of particular use to students.

Community Resources

Organizations that provide different resources for people with low vision 

Boston Resources

  • List of community resources in Boston from the Foundation Fighting Blindness

Support Groups  

  • Information on support groups nationwide 

Low Vision Resource Guide (2017) 

  • Booklet from FriendshipWorks  with information on definitions, adapted devices, vision assessments, and resources in the greater Boston area  


Devices designed for people with low vision that can assist them with different needs 


iPhone Accessibility for Vision Loss 

  • Features of the iPhone to make it easier to use for people with low vision 

Phone applications 

  • iPhone and iPad apps for low vision 

Tools and Devices