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Create a New Account

Creating a RefWorks account is easy.  

  1. Go to the RefWorks login page.
  2. Click the link for Sign Up for New Account.
  3. Fill out the paperwork, select a username and password, and you're ready to go.

Alumni Account

Don't lose your RefWorks citations!

You've worked too hard building your database of citations to let them all disappear when you graduate.  So don't let them.  Create an alumni account and move all of your citations over to it before you graduate.

How to Create an Alumni Account

Learn to Use RefWorks in 20 Minutes

Learn to Use RefWorks

Check out these RefWorks tutorials.

RefWorks Fundamentals (3+ minutes)

Managing Folders (7+ minutes)

Creating a Bibliography Instantly (1.52 minutes)

Output Style Editor [a.k.a. selecting your citation format style] (52 seconds)

How to Share References (1.37 minutes)

Subject Guide

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Importing References

Importing references from the databases is easy, but slightly different for each. Take a look at this cheatsheet to learn how.

Importing References Cheat Sheet


Importing references from PubMed is particularly tricky.  Watch this video to learn how.