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OT-610 Research Process I


The groundwork for your Advanced Doctoral Experience and future evidence based practice as an occupational therapist starts now with the skills you will build and the knowledge you will gain in OT 610 Research Process I. For your CAP and CAT assignments, you will need to search the literature for research articles relevant to your chosen topic and question. After our in class session, use this guide to help you develop a search strategy of your own and lead you through the search process.

Demo Search

(“occupational therapy” OR “occupational therapist” OR “occupational therapists”) AND (professional OR workplace OR job OR work OR work-related) AND (burnout OR depersonalisation OR depersonalization OR fatigue OR cynicism OR (reduced AND self-efficacy)) AND (experience OR perception OR understanding OR impact OR factors OR effect OR survey OR interview)

Asking an answerable clinical question...and making your database searching much easier in the process.

Use this PICO(T) worksheet to help develop your own topic.