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COVID-19 Resources

Automated Search Engines

  • COVID-19 Articles By MGH Researchers

Click here to access an automatically updated PubMed search of COVID-19 articles authored by MGH researchers

  • COVID-19 Portfolio

The iSearch COVID-19 portfolio is NIH’s comprehensive, curated source for publications related to COVID-19. This portfolio includes articles from PubMed and pre-prints from arXiv, medRxiv, bioRxiv, and ChemRxiv. The portfolio is updated daily with the latest available data.

  • LitCovid (NIH/NLM)

Updated daily, LitCovid is a curated literature hub for tracking up-to-date scientific information about COVID-19.

  • PubMed

Click here to execute a PubMed search for COVID-19 citations. After clicking the link, click the gear icon next to "Sorted by: Best match" and change to "Most Recent" to sort articles by publication date to see the newest research on COVID-19.

  • PubMed Central (PMC)

Click here to execute a PubMed Central search for COVID-19 citations. Many PMC articles on COVID-19 are freely available in formats and under license terms that facilitate text mining and secondary analysis.

  • PubMed Subject Specific Searches

The Medical Library Association has a list of PubMed search strategies to find literature on COVID-19 in obstetric, oncology, and pediatric populations. Other search strategies can be found here and here.

  • Ovid MEDLINE (Access Limited to MGH Community)

Click here to execute an Ovid search for COVID-19 citations.

  • CINAHL (Access Limited to MGH Community)

Click here to execute a CINAHL search for COVID-19 citations.

  • Google Scholar

Click here to execute a Google Scholar search for COVID-19 citations.

  • Mass General FLARE

Mass General Fast Literature Assessment And Review (FLARE) is a collaborative effort between the Pulmonary and Critical Care Division and the Department of Medicine to quickly appraise and summarize the COVID-19 research. 

  • World Health Organization

WHO has a database of publications on COVID-19.