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Internet Safety for Community Health

Resources for community health providers promoting internet safety to children and their parents.

Getting Started

This guide is a collection of library and free online resources for teaching about Internet Safety. Whether you are teaching a class or hosting a health fair, the handouts, activities, and lesson plans available from these organizations will help you teach children and their parents about the potential dangers of using the Internet and how to protect oneself.

If you need help finding additional resources or choosing from these ones for your project, contact the librarians at

Growing Up Online

From PBS Frontline, Growing Up Online (2008) was a one hour report on the ways in which the Internet has affected childhood and adolescence in the digital age. In 2010, digital_nation continued the discussion of life in the digital age. You can watch the full programs for free online.

Online Resources for Promoting Internet Safety

Students at a Computer Image

Several organizations have developed Internet Safety Education materials, including curricula, lesson plans, handouts, streaming media, and activities. User the sites below to get ready-made materials or to help you develop your own!