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Culturally Competent and Effective Healthcare

MGH IHP's guide and resources for culturally effective healthcare

Cross-Cultural Communication and Language Differences

Aspects of culture such as norms and attitudes may impact provider-client communication, both verbal and non-verbal. In addition to the the resources on this page, the information sources on the Cultural Knowledge tab can help you learn more about such cultural factors.

Culturally effective providers are able to communicate with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) clients in culturally and linguistically appropriate ways. This means using an interpreter whenever possible and providing translated health information. The following resources have information on using interpreters, sources of translated health information handouts, and additional tools for communicating with LEP clients.

Please visit our Health Literacy and Communication guide for more resources and best practices for communicating with clients.

Language Apps

Resources for Patients

Immigrants and Refugees

Deaf Health and Sign Language

Health Information in Different Languages

Other Resources for Communication Challenges