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Culturally Competent and Effective Healthcare

MGH IHP's guide and resources for culturally effective healthcare

Health Inequities and Disparities

To be a culturally effective and competent healthcare provider requires understanding health inequities in our communities and how they impact the health needs of people of all cultures. Use these selected books, e-books, journals, films and websites to learn more about such inequities. Additionally, some of these resources specifically address the relationship between cultural (in)competence and health inequities.

Understanding Health Inequities and Social Determinants of Health


DVDs, Books in our Collection, and E-Books


Books in the Collection


Health Inequities Interventions

Books in our Collection and E-Books

Book in our Collection


Local, National & Global Health Data

Looking for health disparities data in relation to a city, state or larger region? There are a variety of credible data sources on the open web, as well as tools for mapping such data. Take a look at these resources and tools and Ask a Librarian if you have additional questions.

If you need more local level data, try searching Google or another search engine for the website of a city or state's public health department.

Mapping Public Health Data

map of massachusetts showing stroke death rates by region