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iPads at Bellack

Information on the iPads that the Bellack Library has available to borrow.

iPad Lending Policy

Bellack Library iPad Borrowing Policy + Info

Please read through this entire policy before using the iPad.

  1. iPads are kept in the Course Reserves cabinet. You must ask a staff member to get one for you.
  2. iPads can be borrowed for 3 days, including weekends. If you borrow on a Friday, it will be due the following Monday. However, holidays will not count. For example, if you borrow it on a Friday and the following Monday is a holiday and the Institute is closed, it will be due on Tuesday.
  3. iPads can be renewed once for 3 more days. You must call the library or e-mail us at if you need to renew.
  4. To return an iPad, please hand to a staff member or deposit in the small drop box behind the help desk. Please do not put in the large drop box by the elevator.
  5. iPads come with a carrying bag, a case, a charging adapter and cable. Any missing equipment will result in late fees.
  6. Late fees are $15/day, with a maximum of $60. If the iPad is more than 7 days late, it is considered lost and will be remotely wiped.
  7. IF YOU LOSE THE IPAD OR IT IS STOLEN FROM YOU, CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY. We notify Partners and they handle the wiping/retrieval of the iPad.
  8. You will not be able to download apps onto the iPad. If there is a particular app that you would like, you must give us advance notice so that we can look into possibly buying it. Or, if it is free, we can get it set up for you ahead of time.
  9. If you log into your personal account for any apps while using the iPad, you are responsible for logging out of it before returning the iPad.
  10. Please see the insert in the iPad bag for the password to unlock the iPad.
  11. Thank you for adhering to this policy while you are borrowing the iPad!

App Purchasing Policy

At this time, the Bellack Library is not purchasing anymore apps for the iPads. Staff will consider requests to add free apps to the iPads on a case by case basis. Any apps added must have a purpose related to education or healthcare delivery reasons. To request that a particular app be added to the iPads, e-mail