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QUOSA Information Manager

This QUOSA Information Manager guide is mainly for PC users. Mac users may need to consult the QUOSA User Guide for Mac for more information.

Setting Up PubMed Search Alerts

To configure QUOSA to automatically update the results of a specific search, as well as to notify when the update occurs by sending you an alert, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the specific search in My Searches, and click Configure Alert...
  2. Select the article type from the drop-down list (PDF, HTML, Abstract).
  3. Click Edit Schedule... to set the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly) and the time the alert will run.
  4. Check Send E-Mail Notification to receive a message when there are new results. You'll also need to set your email address in Email Configuration.
  5. Check Keep only New articles if you want QUOSA to retain only new results and discard all previous results. Check Keep only Unread articles if you want QUOSA to retain only unopened articles and discard those that have been opened. If you want QUOSA to retain all search results, uncheck both of these boxes.
  6. Click Destination Folder if you want to specify a folder where new results will be copied. From there, click Select/Create and browse to the appropriate folder, or create a new one. This works well in combination with the Keep only New articles setting, since the results already copied to the destination folder won't be affected.
  7. By default, alerts require confirmation from the user before they run. To disable confirmation, go to Settings > Algorithm Settings > Search tab and check Run Alerts Without Confirmation.

The search you are configuring to be an alert must have called for a number of results (in the number box to the right of the sigma) rather than retrieving selected results using one or more checkboxes. Also, alerts created by using a search from your PubMed history will not work either.

To temporarily suspend an alert, check the Disable Alert box in the Configure Search Alert dialog.

For additional information on search alerts, see the Configuring Alerts in QUOSA IM for PubMed Searches help topic in the QUOSA User Guide.