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QUOSA Information Manager

This QUOSA Information Manager guide is mainly for PC users. Mac users may need to consult the QUOSA User Guide for Mac for more information.

Import RefWorks Library

To import references from an existing RefWorks account into QUOSA, first you'll have to export them out of RefWorks.

  1. Login to your RefWorks account.
  2. Check the boxes of the references you want, or select an entire folder.
  3. From the References menu, select Export.
  4. The Export page will open. Choose Selected (if you checked boxes in step 2) or All in List (if you selected an entire folder).
  5. Select Bibliographic Software as the export format. 
  6. Click Export References.
  7. A new window or tab will open (you may have to enable pop-ups, depending on your browser settings) displaying your references formatted for export.
  8. From the browser menu, select File > Save As... (Internet Explorer), Save Page (Firefox) or More Tools > Save Page As... (Chrome), and save the page as a text file. Note where you saved it.

Once you've exported the references out of RefWorks, now you can import them into QUOSA.

  1. Open QUOSA.
  2. Go to File > Import > Citation Manager Archive...
  3. Browse for and select the text file that was created in the RefWorks export.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Make sure QUOSA has found the correct number of citations to import and click Start Import.
  6. QUOSA will import the citations to a folder in My Searches.
  7. Select all the articles in the folder, right-click and choose "Retrieve PDFs for the selected article(s)" to download PDFs where available. 

Export Citations to RefWorks

To establish a RefWorks account through Treadwell Library, please visit our RefWorks page.

To export article references from one of your QUOSA searches or folders, first you'll have to select RefWorks as your preferred citation manager:

From the QUOSA main menu, go to Settings > Citation Manager > Select Citation Manager > RefWorks.

  1. Select the references you want and click the To Citations (Export selected reference(s)... ) icon in the QUOSA toolbar.
  2. The RefWorks login page will launch.
  3. Login to RefWorks. You will be presented with the Import page.
  4. From the Import Filter/Data Source dropdown list, select RIS Format.
  5. Choose one of the options from the Database dropdown list.
  6. Choose a folder to import references to (optional).
  7. Click the Import Data from the following Text File radio button.
    : The box below this should already contain the path of the .RIS file to be imported.
  8. Click the Import button.

Watch the video below for a visual (no audio) demonstration of how this is done. Once the video starts, click the computer monitor image in the lower right corner for full-screen display.

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