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QUOSA Information Manager

This QUOSA Information Manager guide is mainly for PC users. Mac users may need to consult the QUOSA User Guide for Mac for more information.

Searching in QUOSA

To select a database to search, from the QUOSA main menu, click Channels, then select a channel from the choices in the drop-down menu.

Example: PubMed - Treadwell Library

You'll need to login to the database/channel through Treadwell's EZProxy Gateway, just as you would outside of QUOSA.

Once connected, search QUOSA just as you would within the selected database/channel.

See Retrieving Articles below.

Retrieving Articles

Once you've completed a search and want to download your results, follow these steps to batch-retrieve articles:

  1. Check the boxes to the left of specific results you wish to retrieve.


    Enter the number you wish to retrieve in the box next to the Retrieve button on the QUOSA Toolbar. For example, if you enter 20, QUOSA will retrieve the first 20 articles.

  2. Click the drop-down next to the entry box and select the preferred type (Abstracts only, PDF articles, HTML articles).

  3. Click Retrieve on the QUOSA Toolbar.

The Results Pane displays the articles as they are downloaded to your computer. A progress meter appears above the results pane. When the retrieval is completed, the meter disappears. Also, a folder is created in My Searches in the Organizer Pane.

If you select PDF format, QUOSA will return HTML if no PDF is available, and abstracts if neither PDF nor HTML are available.

    Saving Results

    In the Organizer Pane, use My Folders to create custom folders to save articles you wish to keep:

    1. From the Results Pane, select/highlight the articles you wish to keep and click the  icon in the QUOSA Toolbar.

    2. When prompted, select the folder where you wish to save the articles.

    3. Or, you can drag-and-drop the highlighted articles to any folder.

    QUOSA automatically removes duplicates in the same folder. You can, however, save the same article to more than one folder.

    Add to QUOSA

    With the QUOSA software installed, right-click any file on your computer and "Add to QUOSA" will appear as one of the options.

    When you use this function, the article is automatically saved to your QUOSA Inbox. From there, you can move it to any other folder.

    If the file is a PDF downloaded from a full-text database (such as PubMed or Ovid), answer Yes when asked "Should QUOSA attempt to import the citation from MEDLINE?"

    Import PDF Collection

    If you already have a collection of PDFs, it's easy to add them to your QUOSA library:

    1. From the QUOSA main menu, select File > Import > PDF Library...
    2. Under "Import From," browse to and select the folder that contains your PDF collection (check Include Subdirectories, if applicable, and leave Do not search for citation info unchecked).
    3. Under "Import To," click Select/Create, and specify where you want to save your PDF collection.
    4. Click Start Import.