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NH 720 Research for Clinical Practice: Home



The tutorials and guides on these pages are here to help you make the most of our library's databases and subscriptions while you are working on your assignments for NH720 and beyond.

Use the yellow tabs across the top to get to tutorials for specific databases and be sure to use my contact info below my picture if you'd like to get in touch with questions.

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Background Information & Lecture Visuals

Evidence based practice (EBP) is "...applying the best available research results (evidence) when making decisions about health care. Health care professionals who perform evidence based practice use research evidence along with clinical expertise and patient preferences." - AHRQ

When designing clinical research, you will try to find the available evidence on your topic so that you can determine what research still needs to be done. That evidence will include individual studies, as well as critically appraised topics, systematic reviews, and even practice guidelines. You will also need to appraise the evidence that you find. The information below will help you visualize the process of EBP searching and clinical research.


Asking an answerable clinical question...and making your database searching much easier in the process.

Subject Guide

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