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Tests + Measures

Resources for identifying and finding tests and measures to use in research

Full-text Instruments

Very few testing instruments are given away for free, but these databases contain many instruments you can instantly download at no cost to you. 

Test + Measures Databases

The following databases mostly contain descriptions of tests available for purchase. 

Finding Tests in the Databases

Many tests are not formally published but instead simply appear in articles that publish the results of the research for which they were used. Many databases have features that can help you find them. 

Finding information about a specific test or instrument in any database (including Google Scholar):

  1. Type the name of the instrument into the search box.
  2. If appropriate, uncheck the box for subject mapping:
  3. Search the database.


Finding information about tests or instruments on a topic:


  1. Perform a search for your topic.
  2. Back at the search screen, type Research Instrument into the search box, and select Publication Type in the dropdown menu next to it. Then search.
  3. Combine the two searches by checking the boxes next to them and clicking on the button Search with AND.
  1. Performa  search for your topic.
  2. Back at the search screen, click on the button for Additional Limits.
  3. Select the check box next to Tests & Measures.
  4. Click the Limit a Search button and take a look at your results.