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NS529 Ethical Issues in Health Care: Home


The tutorials and guides on these pages are here to help you make the most of our library's databases and subscriptions while you are working on your assignments for NS529 and beyond.

Use the yellow tabs across the top to guide your research process for your final paper. And if you ever need to ask a question or get some extra help, please use my contact info to get in touch.

Course Reserves

Your course textbook is available in the library course reserves on the 4th floor of Building 38. Please find a library staff member to help you access.

What is Bioethics?

"Bioethics is an activity; it is a shared, reflective examination of ethical issues in health care, health science, and health policy." - MSU Bioethics

The links below will help you explore bioethics in general. The rest of the guide is intended to help you research a particular topic in clinical bioethics.

Nursing Ethics Web Resources

The websites below will help you better understand the role of ethics in nursing.

Subject Guide

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This film based on the real life Tuskegee Experiments is available upon request. Please find me in B38 431 or send me an e-mail if you're interested in borrowing it.