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NS-529 Ethical Issues in Health Care / HP-821 IMPACT 3: Interprof. Ethics

NS-529 course guide and resources

Ethical Issues in Health Care

"Bioethics is an activity; it is a shared, reflective examination of ethical issues in health care, health science, and health policy." - MSU Bioethics


Use this guide to familiarize yourself with the many scholarly resources available from the Bellack Library and beyond that can help you explore the many and varied complex bioethics issues that you may encounter as a health professional. The resources presented here--books, journals, websites, tutorials--will help you with your assignments in NS 529 or HP 821. Librarians are available to assist you if you need help finding information, evaluating sources, using APA correctly, etc.

Bioethics Websites

Ethics Resources at the Bellack Library

You can find the books and other materials below at the Bellack Library on the 4th floor of B38.