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Safety and Injury Prevention

Safety & Injury Prevention

Here are a selection of Safety and Injury Prevention resources available in the Community Health library. We can't list everything we have here, so get in touch with us if you're looking for something specific!

Web Resources

Injury Prevention Books

              Preventing Injuries Book                              Injury Prevention Book                               Community Health Nursing Book

                Preventing Injuries                                         Injury Prevention                                  Community Health Nursing

                  SAFE INJ PREVE                                       SAFE INJ INJUR                                          COM NURS COMM

Medication Safety + Management 

Tracking Medications

  • Worksheet from the National Institute of Health to help identify and track medications

Medications' Effect on Older Adult Brain Function 

  • Brochure discussing the cognitive side effects of medications 

Safe Use of Medication for Older Adults 

  • Information for older adults from NIA 

Reducing the risk of adverse drug events in older adults.

  • Article discussing risks of poor medication management in older adults