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Healthy Aging Data

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has an interactive site on national and state data on Healthy Aging:

Healthy People 2020

  • Healthy People 2020 has a list of objectives and goals surrounding the older adult population:

State and Community Examples

Calls to Action

  •  Resources of preventative strategies and interventions

 NIA Health Information 

  • National Institute on Aging has data on several topics related to aging including healthy eating, dementia, and caregiving 

Massachusetts Health Again Collaborative 

  • Includes data, programs, and resources 

United States of Aging Survey

  • From the National Council on Aging. Survey of topics related to older adults and professionals who work closely with them   

Facts of Aging 

  • A quiz and answer sheet about commonly held beliefs about aging


High Resolution Graphic

Communicating with Older Adults


All of the principles on this page apply to older adults as well, but here are some additional tips for communicating with this population.

  • Beware of the tendencies to stereotype older adults or use patronizing speech.
  • Sit face-to-face and speak clearly 
  • Minimize background noise
  • Ask open ended questions and LISTEN
  • Address your older patient/client even if a companion is in the room
  • Engage in shared decision making
  • Ensure recommendations make sense to your patient/client's specific living situation
  • Verify comprehension - your own and theirs.

(adapted from The Gerontological Society of America's Communicating with Older Adults: An Evidence-Based Review of What Really Works)

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Methods and Recommendations

Cognitive Health + Aging 


National Institute on Aging: Cognitive Health and Older Adults

  • Guide to maintain cognitive health 

2019 Facts and Figures on Alzheimer's Disease 

  • Latest data from the Alzheimer's Association including prevalence, mortality, morbidity, costs, etc.  

Brain Health Resource ToolKit (NIA)

  • Evidence-based resources about the aging brain 


Cognitive Health + Aging Activities

Brain Games     

  • Online games that may help improve memory, mental speed, and reasoning skills 


Activities for People with Alzheimer's Disease

  • Suggested list of activities from AARP 


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Cognitive Health + Aging Handouts 

Alzheimers versus Normal Again 

  • Information for patients from the Alzheimer's Association 


Cognitive Aging (National Academy of Sciences) 

  • Guide on cognitive aging for older adults and families 

Cognitive Impairment and Dementia: A Practical Guide to Daily Living for Family Caregivers  

  • Tips and strategies for family caregivers of older adults with cognitive impairments 

Nutrition for Older Adults

Physical Activity for Older Adults



Guide to Exercise and Physical Activity: National Institute on Aging  

  • Instructional booklet with information on how to create a exercise routine and examples of physical activity geared towards older adults         

Chair Exercises for Older Adults: University of Georgia  

  • Packet of different exercises that an older adult can do while seated


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Mental Health for Older Adults

Medication Safety + Management 

Tracking Medications

  • Worksheet from the National Institute of Health to help identify and track medications

Medications' Effect on Older Adult Brain Function 

  • Brochure discussing the cognitive side effects of medications 

Safe Use of Medication for Older Adults 

  • Information for older adults from NIA 

Reducing the risk of adverse drug events in older adults.

  • Article discussing risks of poor medication management in older adults 

Health Communities and Aging in Place

Library Resources

Here are some example of materials that are available to check out from the library. Drop by to see what else we have 



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