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NS-664 Community Principles & Theories

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Epidemiology Web Resources

Visit these websites for data sets, health promotion programs, public health information and more. Please note, these sites do not usually have peer-reviewed (aka 'scholarly') sources. For links to the databases, where you will find peer-reviewed research studies, scroll down to the Finding Scholarly Sources box.

Finding Scholarly Sources

How can I find scholarly research articles?

Research articles are typically found in research databases like PubMed, CINAHL and ScienceDirect, just to name a few. If you search for articles through the library’s website, you will have increased access to full text articles. (Often when searching through something like Google, you will be asked to pay to access research articles.)

We recommend going to first. Our OneSearch tool searches all of our research databases at the same time and makes it easy to limit the results to scholarly, peer-reviewed sources. To use OneSearch, type your search terms into the search box at the top center of the website. Choose eArticles Only and click the Search button.

MGH OneSearch box searching for nutrition.

On the search results page, look for the option to limit the results to Scholarly Peer-Reviewed Journals.

Screenshot of search results page with Scholarly Peer-Reviewed limiting option highlighted.

You can also add additional filters like publication year, language, and more. Then browse the search results for an article that meets your needs.

If you would prefer to search individual databases, you can also access PubMed and CINAHL using the links below. These two databases are the most likely to have health promotion related content.

Learn more about PubMed.

Learn more about CINAHL.

Public and Community Health Journals

Here are just some examples of the many journals we have that publish articles related to public health, community health, epidemiology and health promotion. Click the title for access options.