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Open Access and Open Educational Resources

What are Open Educational Resources?

Open Education Resources are any type of educational materials that are in the public domain or introduced with an open license. The nature of these open materials means that anyone can legally and freely copy, use, adapt, and re-share them. OERs range from textbooks to curricula, syllabi, lecture notes, assignments, tests, projects, audio, video, and animation.  Source

Read More about OER

  • 7 Things You Should Know about Open Educational Resources provided by EDUCAUSE
    • "By providing educators with new access to educational material, open resources have the potential to spur pedagogical innovation, introducing new alternatives for effective teaching."
  • On Quality and OER by David Wiley
  • Open Textbooks Could Help Students Financially and Academically by Danya Perez-Hernandez
    • ‚Äč"As the price of college textbooks continues to increase, more students are opting to skip the books even if their grades suffer, a survey conducted by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group has found" (2014).
  • OER Mythbusting provided by SPARC* 
    • "Whether it is confusion over the meaning of open versus related concepts such as free or digital, or adherence to folk wisdom such as “you get what you pay for,” there are many common misunderstandings about OER."