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NP-732 Primary Care Across the Lifespan

What is Evidence Based Practice

Evidence Based Practice is a process:

  1. Ask a clinical question.
  2. Find the best evidence.
  3. Evaluate the evidence.
  4. Put it into practice.


1Ask a Clinical Question. 

Use the PICO(T) method to help you identify all of the relevant parts of your topic.

P - Population

I - Intervention

C - Comparison

O - Outcome

(T) - Time

Use this template to help create PICO(T) questions for diagnosis, intervention, prognosis, etiology, etc.

Watch the video on the Search Tips page for a more thorough explanation.

2. Find the Best Evidence.

Use the Search Tips and Databases sections to help you find the articles, reviews, and guidelines that will provide the best evidence.

3. Evaluate the Evidence. 

Start here.  This flow chart outlines the process.

Evaluating Evidence Image


Evaluate the Evidence


Now that you have the big picture, you can dive into the evaluation.  These charts will help.



Find these tools and more on the Cincinnati Children's James M. Anderson's Center for Health Systems Excellence's Evidence Evaluation Tools and Resources site.

4. Put it into Practice.

Change the way you think, diagnose, intervene, and predict based on the evidence you find.