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Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy + Physiology

Here are a selection of Anatomy resources available in the Community Health library. In addition to these resources, we have various curriculum binders and books. We can't list everything we have here, so get in touch with us if you're looking for something specific! We can be reached at

Visual Aids: Models, Kits, & Games

Check out the Community Health Collection for models of...

Healthy Anatomy

3-D skull with top removed to expose the lobes of the brain with a labelled diagram of the brain from different angles


Vertical 3-D model of the larynx including the mandible and tongue to the start of the trachea


3-D model of the chest including the lungs, heart, major blood vessels, larynx, and trachea


3-D model of half of the pelvis showing the uterus, a uterine tube, bladder and intestine/rectum with a label card behind it

Female pelvis

3-D model of half of the male pelvis showing the penis, one testicle, bladder, intestine and rectum, and prostate with a label card behind it

Male pelvis

3-D model of an artery divided into 4 pieces vertically with a label card behind it. The different pieces show a normal artery, artery with a fat streak, atheroma, and fibrous plaque and blockage



3-D model of one blackened lung that can also be viewed on the inside

Smoked lung

Death of a liver board with different slices of liver showing a normal one, one with hepatitis, and one with cirrhosis.

Liver problems

3-D vertical model of an occluded artery showing an artery with blood cells floating in a cylinder showing fat build-up around the sides.

Occluded artery

3-D model of the different parts of the body that may be impacted by hypertension assembled on a vertical rod including a brain, eye, heart, kidney, and artery. It also comes with a label card to describe the different anatomy.


A 3-D circular model showing skin pathology that shows three cancerous and three non-cancerous conditions next to each other. These include nodular basal cell (NBC), malignant melanoma (MM), morpheic basal cell (MBC), dysplastic nevi (DN), keratoacanthoma (KA), and actinic keratosis (AK). It also displays the cross-section of the dermal and basal layers of the skin in detail.

Skin pathology

3-D model showing the organs affected by diabetes including brain, eye, kidney, heart, pancreas, and foot


Osteoporosis model showing curvature of the spinal cord


Loss of a bone model of cross-sections of femurs mounted on a board. They represent a normal bone, bone with osteoporosis, and a fractured hip.

Loss of a Bone

3-D model of fat

Body Fat Visual aid

Can't find what you're looking for? Ask one of the librarians for help!

Visual Aids: Posters

We also have a big collection poster boards:

B22 Poster, a 4-fold poster that stands up on its own, showing reproductive anatomy and physiology

Reproductive A&P Poster 

Poster B26, a 4-fold poster that stands up on its own, titled "your new bodies--boys"

Know Your Body - Boys

Poster B27, a 4-fold poster that stands up on its own, titled "your new bodies--girls"

Know Your Body - Girls

A white poster with black text and a colorful diagram of the internal anatomy of the human body, labelled with the harmful effects of alcohol

Harmful Effects of Alcohol

A poster titled "Harmful Effects of Alcohol and Drugs on the Fetus and Infant" which is divided into separate boxes titled: alcohol, smoking, marijuana, cocaine, and hoe drugs travel from the mother to fetus or infant. Each boxes show the appropriate anatomy (brain, umbilical cord) to what the boxes discuss

Harmful Effects of Alcohol and Drugs on Fetus and Infant

Asthma poster that shows images of allergens like dust mites, pets and images of the anatomy of the lung starting at the bronchi. The poster is labelled.


Cardiovascular disease poster showing the anatomy of the heart with labelled diagrams detailing the changes that occur with cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular Disease

poster titled "How Smoking Affects Your Lungs" that shows an image and description for a normal lung and a lung with cancer side-by-side.

How Smoking Affects Your Lungs






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