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Men's Health

A men's health resource guide.

General Men's Health

Statistics from the CDC:

  • 12% of men 18 and over have fair or poor health 
  • 36.6% of men 20 and over with obesity
  • 33.1% of men 20 and over with hypertension

Cigarette Smoking is Down, but about 34 million American Adults Still Smoke5 PLAYS FOR MENWe will protect this heart:Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of men.Healthier food choices build a healthier heart –make fruits and vegetables half of your plate.Bro, you don’t even have to lift:Getting just 30 minutes of exercise eachday can help you live longer and healthier.Preventive maintenance:Getting regular check-ups can catch smallproblems before they become big problems.Quitting time:Smoking causes cancer, heart disease, stroke,and... a greater risk of erectile dysfunction.Hey man, you good?Life can get tough, and talking things throughwith a mental health professional can help.Find more info at

    CDC                                                                                                            Office of Minority Health

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