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Google Cardboard

Apps and instructions for Google Cardboard kits available at the Bellack Library.

What is Google Cardboard?

Google Cardboard is an accessory that holds your phone in place while you use virtual reality (VR) apps on your phone. It's basically a VR headset! There are official Google Cardboard apps, but you can use the kit with just about any VR app and any phone. This guide will list apps and resources for using Google Cardboard in the classroom and with clients in a healthcare setting.

Google Cardboard Kits at the Bellack Library

The Bellack currently has two Google Cardboard headsets available for loan. As with all of our materials, they can be borrowed for up to two weeks.

Assembling Google Cardboard

Assembly instructions are printed on the glasses, but just in case you learn better by watching, here is a video demo that shows exactly how to assemble it.

Google Cardboard Apps for Education and Healthcare

While there are numerous VR apps out there that can be used with Google Cardboard, we're highlighting the ones that can be used in a classroom, an exam room, a therapy session, or even to make you a better practitioner.