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PT - Evidence Based Practice

Evidence Based Practice Resources

The following databases offer different ways to find summaries and analyses of the literatuer to get a evidence based treatments.  Use these in addition to the standard article databases (PubMed, etc.)

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Clinical Summaries from the APTA synthesizing evidence on managing specific conditions in different populations


Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews logo

Provides high quality systematic reviews of primary research in health care and health policy.

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Point-of-care resource arranged by conditions and treatments to help you make decisions in clinical practice.

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Critical commentaries of individual journal articles to help you interpret and judge evidence.

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Evidence-Based Practice Centers (EPC) Reports - Reviews of relevant literature regarding topics pertaining to health care quality improvement.

Answering Background Questions

Background questions tend to be informational questions related to conditions and typically start with a question word (who, what, where, when, why, or how)

Answers to background questions are best found in secondary and tertiary sources: review articles, textbooks, and reference materials (e.g. encyclopedias, etc.)

Use these databases to find answers to background questions.

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