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MGH Institute resources to help you with your SoTL projects.

What is SoTL

SoTL begins with scholarly teaching (informed, reflective teaching), but must progress to analysis and dissemination.  

“Faculty frame and systematically investigate questions related to student learning -
the conditions under which it occurs, what it looks like, how to deepen it, and so
forth - and do so with an eye not only to improving their own classroom but to
advancing practice beyond it.” (Hutchings & Shulman, 1999, p. 13)

Hutchings, P., & Shulman L.S. (1999). The scholarship of teaching: New elaborations, new developments. Change. 31(5), 10-15.

SoTL Topics

Areas for Study

Recruitment & Admissions

  • Recruitment methods
  • Admissions criteria
  • Admissions interviews

Program Evaluation

  • Curricular models
  • Benchmarks for excellence
  • Graduate outcomes/clinical competence

Teaching Methods and Assessment

  • Teaching strategies
  • Teaching with technology
  • Assessment methods
  • Cultural competence

Academic Advising and Mentoring

  • Timing and frequency
  • Faculty development needs

Faculty Development

  • Novice faculty needs
  • Promotion and tenure
  • Models and methods

For more ideas about possible topics for your scholarship, see Peggy Maki's Handout from her Spring 2016 Faculty Development Days workshop.

Subject Guide

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