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Health Professions Education

HE 742 Innovations Seminar 2021

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(“nursing student*” OR “nursing education”) AND (simulat* OR “standardized patient*” OR manikin* OR mannequin*) AND (empathy OR compassion OR caring OR “Toronto Empathy Questionnaire”)

MGH OneSearch

OneSearch is a library tool that searches all of our databases at the same time. You can search for journal articles or e-books.

Are you looking for a specific article or e-book? Type the title into the search box. When you click the search button, the results page will tell you if we have the article or e-book in full text.

Look for the PDF Full Text or Get it from MGH eTreadwell icons on the results page. Click on them to get to the full text.

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Are you searching a topic? Type your keywords into the search box and click the Search button. Results will be ranked by relevancy. Use the limits on the left hand side to narrow down your results.

Search Individual Databases 

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More Databases

Topics in Health Professions Education can span a wide range of disciplines.  Here are some of the databases our students have found most helpful.

Medical Literature
  • PubMed @MGH
    NLM/NIH database of health literature; includes Medline as well as more life sciences journal and book citations.  This version will also link directly to Treadwell Library's eJournal subscriptions.

    The Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature is one of the most important resources for nursing and allied health literature.  It contains a combination of both scholarly research articles as well as articles from trade publications.

  • OVID Medline 1996 to the Present
    The premier health literature database from the National Library of Medicine.
    • Use your Special Login for Ovid (to access your saved searches, etc.).
    •  Sign up for your own special login. 
Education Literature
  • ERIC Produced by the US Department of Education, this is the primary database for education literature.
  • Education Research Complete
    A great place to start your search for education literature.  This database includes citations and abstracts for over 2,400 journals and full-text for over 1,400 journals.
Psychology & Development Literature
  • PsycInfo
    The premier database for psychological, behavioral, and developmental topics.
There are many more.  Go to Treadwell's databases page for the complete list.