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Student Health + Wellness at the IHP

A guide to school and web resources for staying health and well while attending the MGH Institute of Health Professions.


Graduate students often face unique challenges when it comes to staying healthy and well during your course of study. Balancing school with work and family life can feel daunting some days. The MGH IHP Student Health and Wellness Committee put together this guide for you with help from IHP students. Explore this guide for tons of information, tips and resources for surviving grad school as healthy and well (if not more so) as when you arrived at the Institute.

Look for our live events, too, throughout the year. We host guest speakers and Pop-Up Learning Experiences.

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Harborview Health Club

New FREE Health Club Option For Students!!!!

The IHP has partnered with the brand new Harborview Health Club, to offer our students free access to a world-class gym. Located in the Harborview residence building on 1st Ave near Spaulding, the gym features all brand new equipment and free classes. Child care and personal training are available for a fee. To take advantage of this wonderful new amenity, please bring your IHP ID to the front desk of the Harborview Health Club, and sign up for access. Questions, please email John Licciardi at