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Speech Language Pathology Doctorate

Using Theoretical Frameworks building under construction with steel girders exposed

Theoretical frameworks provide the underlying ideas that create structure for your approach to your research or project. They guide decisions around your definition of the problem, the methods you use, and can give your analysis direction. 

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Finding Additional Theoretical Frameworks

sign post at a crossroadsDon't know of any theoretical frameworks that might apply? Here are a few ideas for finding potential candidates.

  1. Look at the articles you've already gathered for your literature review and look at the theoretical frameworks they employed.
  2. Google Scholar it! Do a broad search for your general topic plus the words "theoretical framework" and take a look at the articles that come up. 


Already have ideas for frameworks you can use? What now?

  1. Find the original article describing its development or first application. 
    1. Search the library databases or Google Scholar for the framework title.
    2. If the original article doesn't immediately pop up, look at other articles that cited the framework and use their reference lists to get to that article.
  2. Find other research that used your framework to see how those studies applied it. This could help you decide how you'll apply it to your own research or project.