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CD-724 Research Design and Statistics


There are quite a number of tools out there for helping you store and organize your articles and also format the citations.  Some do all three.  You will need to do your own test drives to see which tools fit your needs.


Zotero Logo

Zotero is a free citation management tool whose central feature is that it can easily and accurately import items directly from the web. It has a desktop application as well as a "Browser Connector" to make it work with most major browsers.

Zotero also integrates into Microsoft Word and GoogleDocs for easy citation insertion and reference list creation. Zotero is automatically inserted into Google Docs when you download the Connector. For Word, you'll need to download the Word plugin.

And if you want to be able to share citations between group members or classmates, Zotero has sharing capability as well.

Zotero has PDF organization and a maximum of 300 MB of storage. If you run out, just contact someone on the library staff to let us know.

Quick Set-Up Instructions

  1. Create your Zotero account. 
    1. An account isn't required, but in order to sync your account across multiple devices, youll need to register.
    2. You are not restricted to your IHP email and may use whichever email address you prefer.
  2. At the Zotero Download page, you can choose which version(s) you want.

Do you need to import your library from RefWorks? Take a look at our page about Transitioning from RefWorks to Zotero for step-by-step instructions.


More Help

Zotero Documentation will take you step by step through all of its features.

For in-person assistance, please request an appointment with a librarian.

More Tools

A free academic social network for organizing, reading, and citing your pdfs.  Very popular in the health sciences. Find out more on our Guide to Mendeley.

A fee based tool for organizing, reading, and citing.  Can live on your computer or be accessed online.  People love the intuitive design and functionality. Free trials are available.  (Student rate is about $55)