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Student Health + Wellness at the IHP

A guide to school and web resources for staying health and well while attending the MGH Institute of Health Professions.

Resources for Healthy Eating

We're only human--and busy ones at that--so it's no wonder that healthy eating takes a backburner sometimes. And when you have to eat on-the-go or away from home, it can be even more challenging to find or choose healthy options. Let these links help you out!

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When in doubt about what or how to eat, look to the USDA's MyPlate nutrition guidelines. You can find more detailed info about the guidelines on the MyPlate website.

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Healthy Fast Food in Boston

For those busy days, when you just want something prepared but still healthy, consider these fast food options in the Boston area.

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Estimating Portion Sizes Infographic

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Healthy Cooking

Creating Perfect Meal