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Fitness and Wellness

Fitness & Wellness

Here are a selection of Fitness & Wellness resources available in the Community Health library. We can't list everything we have here, so get in touch with us if you're looking for something specific!

Visual Aids

There are a number of visual aids, including displays, charts, and models that may be helpful in teaching about fitness and cardiovascular health. Borrow them from the library.


The Consequences of Obesity Poster

The Consequences of Obesity


Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Disease


Heart Conditions Poster 4-Piece Artery Model

               Heart Conditions                                      4- Piece Artery

                             8                                                   CHR CVD FOUPIE


Kits & Curricula

50+ information sheets from the American Heart Association. 

From Human Relations Media

The Fitness Station, a kit consisting of a 10 minute DVD and 10 posters. Grades K-6.

Lifestyle Diseases and How to Avoid Them, an 18 minute DVD, teacher's resource book, handouts, and pre- and post-tests. Grades 7+

Total Health: Becoming Physically Fit!, is a 3 part video series (VHS format), that includes a teacher's resource book and handouts.

ESL Resources

LifeSchool 2000: Health is a curriculum intended for adult learners. Each chapter includes assessment materials, clear objectives, and some ESOL practice exercises such as irregular verbs, vocabulary, and dialogues.

Take Care of Yourself: A Health Care Workbook for Beginning ESL Students provides language skills while giving information in the four major areas of health care: personal and home, community, children’s and adolescents’, and women.


Fitness and Wellness Books

Online Resources

Databases & Journals

Some of these resources are available only to MGH employees and students.