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Cultural Competence/Humility - Teaching Resources

IHP teaching resources for topics on cultural humility

Cultural Competence Teaching Resources


Culture Schematic showing people, diversity, race and ethnicity, belief and nationality.


These resources for diversity and cultural competence education have been developed by Librarian Jessica Bell, MS, and Professor Charles Haynes, EdD, CCC-SLP, in concert with a number of faculty members from the Institute.

What is Health Equity and Why Does it Matter?

Curriculum Guides and Tools

Physical Therapy

APTA Blueprint for Teaching Cultural Competence in Physical Therapy Education (PDF)

A Guide to Cultural Competence in the Curriculum: Physical Therapy (PDF)


Speech-Language Pathology

A Guide to Cultural Competence in the Curriculum: Speech-Language Pathology (PDF)

Occupational Therapy

A Guide to Cultural Competence in the Curriculum: Occupational Therapy (PDF)

Physician Assistant

Health Professions

Curriculum Enhancement Module Series (Nat'l Center for Cultural Competence)

Gilbert MJ. Principles and recommended standards for cultural competence education of health care professionals. The California Endowment. Published 2003. (PDF)


Program Assessment

TACCT – Tool for Assessing Cultural Competence Training