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MGH History

1929 Aerial photo of MGH Campus. Source


Bicentennial Toolkit (MGH access only)

Catalog of Art & Artifacts

Digital Archives Contains some scanned issues of MGH Bulletin, MGH News, News of MGH, and pamphlets.

Ether Dome See the Ether pages for more information.

Exhibits and Artifacts

History Trail Online Tour

Narrative History of Mass General

Overview and History

Paul S. Russell, MD Museum of Medical History and Innovation

The History of Massachusetts General Hospital (from the MGH YouTube Channel)

Books About MGH History

Annual Report of the Massachusetts General Hospital, 1814- .
Annual Reports from 1851-1913

Post-1913 Reports are available in the MGH Archives.

Some Account of the Medical School in Boston, and of the Massachusetts General Hospital. Boston: Phelps and Farnham, 1824.

Bowditch, Nathaniel I. A History of the Massachusetts General Hospital (to August 5, 1851). Boston : J. Wilson & Son, 1851.

Massachusetts General Hospital. The Semi-Centennial of Anaesthesia October 16, 1846-October 16, 1896. Boston: [n.p.], 1897.

The Moseley Memorial Building: Dedicated October Sixteenth 1916. Boston: Merrymount Press, 1916.

Massachusetts General Hospital. Reception to the Massachusetts General Hospital Physicians, Nurses, and Employees who Served in the Great War, June 9, 1919. Cambridge [Mass.]: University Press, 1920.

Memorial & Historical Volume, Together with the Proceedings of the Centennial of the Opening of the Hospital. Boston: Griffith-Stillings Press, 1921.

The History of U.S. Army Base Hospital No. 6 and its part in the American Expeditionary Forces, 1917-1918 [Contact MGH Archives for use]; introduction by Henry Alden Shaw. Boston: Massachusetts General Hospital, 1924.

Myers, Grace W. History of the Massachusetts General Hospital, 1872-1900 [Contact MGH Archives for use]. Boston: Griffith-Stillings Press, [1929].

Washburn, Frederic A. The Massachusetts General Hospital; its Development, 1900-1935 [Contact MGH Archives for use]. Boston, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1939.

Emerson, Haven. The Baker Memorial, a Study of the First Ten Years of a Unit for People of Moderate Means at the Massachusetts General Hospital. New York: The Commonwealth Fund, 1941.

Massachusetts General Hospital. Management of the Cocoanut Grove Burns at the Massachusetts General Hospital, by members of the staff, Joseph C. Aub [and others]. Philadelphia: Lippincott, [1943].

Faxon, Nathaniel W. The Massachusetts General Hospital, 1935-1955 [Contact MGH Archives for use]. Cambridge [Mass.]: Harvard University Press, 1959.

Garland, Joseph E. Every Man our Neighbor: A Brief History of the Massachusetts General Hospital, 1811-1961 [Contact MGH Archives for use]. Boston: Little, Brown, 1961; 2nd ed., 2008.

The Massachusetts General Hospital, 1955-1980 [Contact MGH Archives for use], edited by Benjamin Castleman, David C. Crockett, S.B. Sutton; foreword by John E. Lawrence. Boston: Little, Brown, 1983.

Bull, Webster. Something in the Ether : A Bicentennial History of Massachusetts General Hospital, 1811-2011 [Contact MGH Archives for use]; foreword by Peter L. Slavin and David F. Torchiana. Beverly, Mass.: Memoirs Unlimited, 2011.

Voices of the Massachusetts General Hospital 1950-2000 : Wit, Wisdom and Untold Tales [Contact MGH Archives for use], by Stephen P. Dretler; Lloyd Axelrod; Willard M Daggett; Georgia W. Peirce. Brookline, Mass. : Lamprey & Lee, 2014.

Newsletters About MGH 

Caring Headlines (MGH Patient Care Services) 2005 - present 
These issues and previous issues are available in the MGH Archives.

Fruit Street Physician (Massachusetts General Physicians Organization) 2001 - present

MGH Hotline (MGH News & Public Affairs)
These issues and previous issues are available in the MGH Archives.

MGH News Selected issues available online.
These issues and previous issues are available in the MGH Archives.

MGH Surgical Society Newsletter 2002 - present

Proto (MGH News & Public Affairs) 2005 - present

The World of MGH Selected issues available online.
These issues and previous issues are available in the MGH Archives.