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MGH History

Warren Prosperi's "Ether Day  1846" Source


On October 16, 1846, MGH co-founder Dr. John Collins Warren removed a small tumor from the neck of Gilbert Abbott after an anesthetic agent provided by Boston dentist William T. G. Morton had been used. This was the first successful public demonstration of the use of ether as an anesthetic agent.

Ether Websites and Publications Includes selected information about:

The Ether Dome, located in MGH’s Bulfinch Building

The oil painting titled “Ether Day 1846” 

Padihershef, the mummy from Thebes, Egypt

Apollo Belvedere, the statue whose original is at the Vatican Museum 

Brass Plaques contains the names inscribed on the brass plaques inset into the seat backs in the Ether Dome. 

Ether Dome Today describes just a few of the ways in which it is being utilized for educational purposes