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MGH History

Seating in the Ether Dome. Source

Brass Plaques

Small brass plaques with names of physicians are inset in the seat backs in the Ether Dome; many are labeled with names, titles, and dates pertinent to MGH service, if applicable. The information found on each plaque is listed below, exactly as it appears on each plaque.

Background information on many of these individuals can can be found in:

Proceedings of the Morton Testimonial. Boston: J. H. Eastburn, 1861.

Bowditch, Nathaniel I. A History of the Massachusetts General Hospital (to August 5, 1851). Boston: J. Wilson & Son, 1851.

See Websites & Publications for books about MGH’s history, in which many of these individuals are listed. See Finding More on MGH History to locate more information in medical journals, scholarly and non-scholarly publications, and newspapers.

The first row from left :

1 Dr. Walter Channing, 1821-39, Physician

2 Dr. John B. Brown, 1823-36, Consulting Surgeon

3 Dr. James Jackson,1817-37, Chief of Medical Service

4 Dr. John Warren, 1812-53, Chief of Surgical Service

5 Dr. William TG Morton, Honorary Guest

6 Dr. Horace Wells, Honorary Guest

7 Dr. Charles T. Jackson, Honorary Guest

8 Dr. Crawford W. Long, Honorary Guest

9 Dr. George Hayward, 1823-51, Visiting Surgeon

10 Dr. Jacob Bigelow, 1827-55,Visiting Physician

11 Dr. Geo. C. Shattuck, 1827-48, Consulting Physician

2nd row

1 Dr. Edward Reynolds, 1828-46, Consulting Surgeon

2 Dr. George W. Otis, 1823-29, Assistant Physician

3 Dr. John Ware, 1829-40, Physician

4 Dr. S.D. Townsend, 1835-63, Visiting Surgeon

5 Dr. J.B.S. Jackson,1835-64, Visiting Physician

6 Dr. Enoch Hale, 1837-48, Visiting Physician

7 Dr. Samuel Parkman, 1845-54, Visiting Surgeon

8 Dr. John D. Fisher, 1846-50, Visiting Physician

9 Dr. Henry J. Bigelow, 1846-86, Visiting Surgeon

10 Dr. J Mason Warren, 1846-67, Visiting Surgeon

11 Dr. David H Storer, 1849-58, Visiting Physician

12 Dr. Samuel L Abbott, 1849-89, Visiting Physician

3rd row

1 Dr. Geo. C. Shattuck,1850-88, Visiting Physician

2 Dr. Marshall S. Perry, 1850-56, Visiting Physician

3 Dr. Henry G. Clark, 1851-75, Visiting Surgeon.

4 Dr. Samuel Cabot, 1853-82, Visiting Surgeon

5 Dr. Calvin Ellis, 1854-83, Visiting Physician

6 Dr. George H. Gay, 1854-83, Visiting Surgeon

7 Dr. A.A. Gould, 1855-86, Visiting Physician

8 Dr. Charles E. Ware, 1856-63, Visiting Physician

9 Dr. Benjamin S. Shaw, 1858-84, Visiting Physician

10 Dr. Francis Minot, 1858-87, Visiting Physician

11 Dr. R.M. Hodges, 1863-86, Visiting Surgeon

12 Dr. J.C. White, 1863-1902, Visiting Physician

13 Dr. A. Coolidge, 1864-76, Visiting Surgeon. 

14 Dr. A. Sinclair, 1865-68, Physician

15 Dr. John T. Heard, 1866-72, Surgeon

16 Dr. C .B. Porter, 1867-1903, Visiting Surgeon

17 Dr. Henry K. Oliver, 1867-78, Visiting Physician

18 Dr. Geo. Tarbell, 1868-91, Visiting Physician

19 Dr. Hall Curtis, 1868-71, Physician

20 Blank Plaque

4th row

1-11 No Plaques

12 Dr. H.I. Bowditch, 1838-64, Visiting Physician

13-24 No Plaques

5th row

1 Dr. Abel L. Peirson, Consulting Surgeon 

2-27 No Plaques

28 Dr. Oliver W. Holmes, Visiting Physician