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Survival Guide for Scholarship, Dissertations, Theses, and Scholarly Projects

Browsing Journals

Browsing through issues of journals can help you discover articles, you may never have found through searching databases or even the journal web site.  

If you know a particular journal regularly publishes articles about your topic, it may be worth spending some time browsing through tables of contents to see what you can find.

Click on one of the links in the section below to find links to the library's journal subscriptions in your discipline.

Journals by Discipline

Each discipline has its own speciality journals.  These are a good place to start when you want to browse the literature in your field.  

We have a LibGuide for each discipline studied at the Institute, and each of those guides includes a list of some of our more popular journal subscriptions.  Take a look at the list for your discipline.

Journal Alerts and Saved Searches

Journal Alerts

If you have personal subscriptions to any journal titles (e.g. through your ASHA membership), you can usually set up an alert so that you receive an email, etc. when a new issue comes out.

Saved Searches

Just about all of the library's databases allow you to save a search and then set up an alert to let you know when new articles that fit your search criteria come into the database.  

We have a series of tutorials to show you how to set those up:

Creating a PubMed Account 

Ebsco Search Alerts (CINAHL)