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Genetic Counseling

Library resources and research help for Genetics Counseling students.

Library Resources for Genetic Counseling

This guide curated by librarians will help you access the most relevant and helpful library resources for your genetic counseling education and practice. This includes the e-journals, e-books, databases and specialty tools highlighted on this guide, plus thousands of more journals and books that may be useful depending on your information needs. Scroll through the guide to explore what the Bellack and Treadwell libraries have to offer.

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Search Across All Databases

MGH OneSearch

OneSearch is a library tool that searches all of our databases at the same time. You can search for journal articles or e-books.

Are you looking for a specific article or e-book? Type the title into the search box. When you click the search button, the results page will tell you if we have the article or e-book in full text.

Look for the PDF Full Text or Get it from MGH eTreadwell icons on the results page. Click on them to get to the full text.

PDF Full Text icon Get it from MGH eTreadwell icon

Are you searching a topic? Type your keywords into the search box and click the Search button. Results will be ranked by relevancy. Use the limits on the left hand side to narrow down your results.

Books at the Bellack Library


Physical Copies of Books

These books are available in the Course Reserves at the Bellack Library. 

Clinical and Specialty Tools

Web Resources

Practice Guidelines

Using practice guidelines will help you ensure that you are making evidence-based decisions in your genetic counseling practice. Use these resources to find, understand and apply practice guidelines.

Genetic Counseling Practice Guidelines in PubMed

PubMed allows searchers to limit results to only practice guidelines. When searching, make sure that Practice Guideline is showing up in the Publication Type filters. (If it's missing, you need to go to Additional Filters and add Practice Guidelines to the filter list.) Checking the box for Practice Guidelines will limit your results to only that type of document.

Here is a prepared search that you can use to go directly to genetic counseling practice guidelines for the last 10 years. Go to PubMed using the link below and then copy and paste this query into the search box:

("Genetic Counseling"[MeSH Terms]) AND ((y_10[Filter]) AND (practiceguideline[Filter]))