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Occupational Therapy

A guide to finding library resources for students in the OTD program.

Selecting a Search Engine

You have many choices for where to search for articles.  Here's a guide to some of the search engines that might be helpful to you.


PubMed Logo

The place every health professional and medical research goes to find literature.  It includes Medline as well as more life sciences journal and book citations.  This version will also link directly to Treadwell Library's eJournal subscriptions.  Need help with searching?




The Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature can be a great supplement to PubMed for health professions literature.  It contains a combination of both scholarly research articles as well as articles from trade publications.  Need help with searching?




The Education Resources Information Center is the premier database for educational literature.  Good for information about school based interventions but also useful for information about school aged children, in general.



PsychInfo Logo

Created by the American Psychogical Association, it is the premier database for psychological, behavioral, and developmental topics. Need help with searching?


Cochrane Database of Systematic Review Logo

Just as the title states, this is a databse comprised entirely of full-text systematic reviews.  They are all created specifically for this collection and have not been published in journals.  These systematic reviews are considered to be of a very high standard.


Google Scholar Logo


A great place to start your search and to find articles across a wide range of disciplines.  You will want to set your preferences to show Treadwell's full-text links  (unfortunately only a limited number of their subscriptions work this way; you will need to check the Journals List for articles that do not have full-text links.).  Go to Settings, then Library Links (in the left navigation), Search for and select Massachusetts General Hospital - EBSCOhost Full Text.

Occupational Therapy Journals

Full text is available for these core Occupational Therapy eJournals.

Find all of the library's subscriptions on our A to Z List.