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Copyright Concerns

Including full PDFs in your D2L course can be a breach of copyright.  To make sure you aren't breaking and regulations, the best course of action is to link to articles, whether they come from library subscriptions and databases or are freely available online.

Consult the IHP's copyright policy for more information.

Institute Copyright Policy

Limitations to Copyright (incl. Fair Use)

Classroom Use

Obtaining Permission

Intro to Copyright

Copyright Clearance Center's Quick Video Guide to Copyright on Campus.

Copyright on Campus Video

Find Articles

Find Articles

If you already know the article you would like to assign, use MGH OneSearch to search across all of our databases and all of our full-text.

MGH OneSearch

Stable Links to Library Articles

Linking to articles in the library's journals can be a bit tricky. The video below will show you the ropes, but do not hesitate to Ask a Librarian for help with this as well.

Interested in a text tutorial? Click the PDF link below: