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Teaching Your Students about Using the Library

Do you ask your students to search databases, find literature, or use the library in any other way?

Request a Class Visit

Why not ask a librarian to show your students how it's done?  A librarian can create a custom workshop tailored to your assignment's requirements and provide your students with the information they need to be successful.

Enroll Your Students in our D2L Workshops


Talk with a Librarian about the possibilities.

Custom Library Guides

These online guides to the library are customized to meet the needs of your course and assignments.  A custom library guide typically contains

  • links to the databases and tools you prefer your students use
  • help materials geared to your specific assignment or project
  • video tutorials
  • links to your course reserves

We can also combine the Guide with an in-class talk/lecture on search strategies, database search methods, information evaluation, and more.  Here are some examples: OT610 and CD724.

Request a Custom Library Guide

Course Reserves

Would you like to put an Item on Reserve for your Class?

Instructions for Faculty

Search and browse course reserves