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Faculty Services

Types of Scholarship

Scholarship of Application

"Translation of new knowledge to practical applications to solve problems of individuals and of society"

from Shapiro, E.D., & Coleman, D.L. (2000). The scholarship of application. Academic Medicine, 75 (9), 895-898.

Scholarship of Discovery

"Discovering new knowledge in the quest for deeper understanding of the world"

from Beattie, D.S. (2000). Expanding the view of scholarship: Introduction. Academic Medicine, 75 (9), 871-875.

Scholarship of Integration

"Making connections across scientific disciplines, placing the work of individual investigators and their specialty fields into a larger context, and educating nonspecialists"

from Dauphinee, D. & Martin, J.B. (2000). Breaking down the walls: Thoughts on the scholarship of integration. Academic Medicine, 75 (9), 881-886.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (also consult the library's guide on this topic)

“Faculty frame and systematically investigate questions related to student learning - the conditions under which it occurs, what it looks like, how to deepen it, and so forth - and do so with an eye not only to improving their own classroom but to advancing practice beyond it.” (p. 13)

from Hutchings, P., & Shulman L.S. (1999). The scholarship of teaching: New elaborations, new developments. Change. 31(5), 10-15.


Consult with a Librarian

Let one of our Librarians Help You.

Our librarians can assist withtwo figures consulting over a laptop

  • kick starting your literature searches
  • navigating citation management applications
  • ferreting out possible journals for publication

Get in touch whenever you're ready. Book a consultation with one of 

our librarians through our Ask A Librarian Services. 


...or check out our Survival Guide.

Statistical Consultations

Annie B. Fox, Assistant Professor of Quantitative Methods in CIPSI is available to consult with faculty on short term statistics questions as well as longer term collaborations. Topics include

  • determining an analysis plan
  • reviewing/interpreting output
  • troubleshooting analysis issues
  • collaborating on grant projects
  • full data analysis

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Consultations

Claudia A. Rosu, Adjunct Assistant Professor in HPEd, is available to consult with faculty on their SoTL projects, from soup to nuts. She will be happy to meet and talk about

  • Topic exploration
  • Question development
  • Methods
  • Dissemination

Editorial Services

IHP faculty members can receive four hours of free editorial support per semester from a professional editor. Services include

  • polishing language,
  • adhering to formatting guidelines,
  • consulting in-person or over the phone.

To request assistance, please contact Nada Jovanovic and identify yourself as an IHP faculty member.