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Adjusting Your Study Habits for Online Classes

Wooden table with open lined notebook surrounded by pencils, pens, scissors, ruler, highlighter, calculator, and other assorted office supplies.

Staying Organized

With so many changes, and the format of courses, you might still be feeling some confusion and disorientation as online learning continues this semester.

Here are some things you might want track for each class:

How have “in-person” parts of the class changed?

  • What are the in-person parts of the course? (lecture, lab, etc.)
  • Where can you find these parts, and how do you access them? (live Zoom, recordings, discussion board, etc.)
  • Are these parts at specific times or can you access them anytime?

Are assignments changing?

  • How are you expected to demonstrate clinical skills?
  • How are you to submit assignments?
  • Will any quizzes or exams be done online?

What should you do if you need help?

  • Does the instructor have virtual office hours?  When and on what platform?
  • Does the course have an online forum for asking questions?

Keeping Track

A table like this one is one way to keep track of your course responsibilities.

sample chart for tracking course responsibilities

You can adapt this to fit your needs. Perhaps a table organized around the days of the week would work better for you, or maybe you want to use an online calendar to help you track class sessions, group meetings, Zoom links, and due dates.