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Adjusting Your Study Habits for Online Classes

Photo looking down from above of a woman sitting on a couch with her cell phone and an open laptop on the coffee table in front of her.

Trading Old Strategies for New Ones

You may be forced to adjust your routines during this time. Look for ways to adapt your usual habits or to form new ones.

For example:

  • If you usually study in the library, student lounge, or in a classroom, ask yourself what kind of environment helps you study. Consider how you can recreate this at home. Maybe you need to study in a chair, rather than on your bed or couch. Maybe you need to move to a new spot when you change tasks. Do you need background noise? How about a white noise app? Do you get distracted by other people and conversations? Can you find a quiet space in your house/apartment or work with your roommates/family to have specific quiet times?

  • If you always study in groups, try a virtual or phone-based study session with your group. You can create your own Zoom meetings using your account.

  • If you thrive on tight timelines, but now have a more open schedule, think about how working with others or setting up a schedule can recreate that for you.