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Adjusting Your Study Habits for Online Classes

A coffee table with a laptop showing a computer screen that says "Zoom" surrounded by toys and stacks of books with desk in the background with another computer

Tips for Making the Most of Video Lectures

  • Stick to the instructor’s schedule as much as possible. Staying on schedule will help you have a feeling of normalcy and prevent you from falling far behind. If there are asynchronous (or “do on your own time”) video lectures, schedule your preferred time during the week to watch or read the material and ensure that you know when it needs to be completed by.

  • Find out how to ask questions. Is there a chat feature? A discussion forum? Does your instructor want you to unmute yourself so that you may speak to ask a question? Are there virtual office hours that you can use if you have questions about pre-recorded video lectures?

  • Close distracting apps and tabs. Humans are not as good at multitasking as they think! See our multitasking section for more tips.

  • Continue to take notes as you would if you were there in person. Many studies show that note-taking builds the recall of material and helps to increase test scores.

  • Watch recordings at normal speed. Watching at faster speeds can decrease retention and result in lower test scores.