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Adjusting Your Study Habits for Online Classes

Texthelp Read&Write

To add the Read&Write extension to Google Chrome, visit the Texthelp website. Click on the pink “Try Read&Write Today” button. Premium features are available for the first 30 days (there will be a countdown on the tool bar) and then you will only have access to the free features unless you subscribe to the premium version. Prices for the subscription can be found on the Texthelp website. 

Hover Speech Play, Pause, and Stop Screen Mask
speech bubble and cursor play, pause, and stop icons computer screen with a shaded bar across it
Click this icon and hold your cursor over the text. Highlight a selection and click the “play” icon to read. The screen will shade except for a light where your cursor is.

Simplify Page (Premium)

Highlight (Premium) Collect Highlights (Premium)
horizontal lines with an arrow going downward along the side four highlighters that are yellow, green, blue, and pink four arrows forming a circle that are each the color of a highlighter
A new tab with the contents in a simplified text format. Highlight text with your cursor and then select a color. Move your highlights from the webpage into a Google Doc.


Natural Reader

The NaturalReader Google Chrome extension can be added from the Natural Reader website.

Overview of Natural Reader Functions

Play Read Selection  Add
triangular "play" icon in a circle outline of headphones in a circle plus sign in a circle
Starts reading from the top of the page. Highlight text with your cursor and this icon will appear to read aloud. Use to upload a PDF, docx, pptx, etc. so it can be read.

Using Natural Reader with E-Books

D2L DocReader

outline of a piece of paper with a speaker over itWhen you open a document on D2L click the “Open with docReader” button at the bottom of the screen. More D2L accessibility and navigation information is available on the Brightspace website

Text-to-Speech Modes Tools
outline of a piece of paper with a speaker over it that says "Listen" a rectangle split into 2: one side says "layout mode" and the other says "text mode" a dropdown arrow that says "more tools"
Click on this icon for text-to-speech. Layout mode keeps formatting the same. Text mode will remove formatting so it’s text only. Click this icon to reveal another tool bar below.
Settings Page Mask Reading Ruler
a gear icon two horizontal dark rectangles with a thin line in between them outline of a ruler
Change fonts, text, colors, and more. This will shade out the rest of the page except for the reading light where the cursor is. A gray bar will follow your cursor as you read.


Accessibility and E-Books

If you are reading an e-book that can be found through MGH OneSearch and would like it to be read aloud:

  • PDF icon that says "PDF Full Text" next to itPDFs can be downloaded from OneSearch and uploaded to the Natural Reader website, which accepts large PDF. It will then be converted so that it can be read by their website. 
  • HTML icon that says "HTML full text" next to itHTML Full Text option has it's own built-in text to speech system wherein you can press "listen" and it will start from the top.

Toolbar that has a "listen" button, "play" and "stop" buttons, and a dropdown menu to choose the accent of the voice that is speaking

If you want it to start reading further down the page, away from the toolbar at the top, you can highlight a passage of text with your cursor and it will make the toolbar appear so you can have it start reading from there. It also will highlight the text/word that it is reading.