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Adjusting Your Study Habits for Online Classes

A word map with "assistive technology" in the middle and branches coming out saying: mind-mapping/brainstorming, study skills/aids, research tools, writing, organization/task management, dictation/speech-to-text/speech recognition, time management/distraction free, hearing, reading, communication, built-in accessibility, and note-taking.

Assistive Technology

There are several resources currently available online to improve the accessibility of virtual learning.

This tip sheet provides several recommendations to prevent migraines, eye strain, and other related issues. There are also several Google Chrome accessibility extensions that are intended to help with vision, hearing, attention, and more. A brief description of a few popular assistive technology resources are below:


Eye Strain:

Circle that has a gray shaded section at the bottom with a dark orange semicircle peeking out behind it and the top half is light orange.f.lux is a computer download that changes the color of the computer's display based on the time of day.

Circle that has a green shaded section at the bottom with a purple semicircle peeking out behind it and the top half is light orange.Screen Shader is a Google extension that works similarly to f.lux, although it can only be used when Chrome is the browser. 

black framed glassesBlue light filtering glasses are available through many eyewear companies, such as Warby Parker, and and even retailers like Target and J. Crew are offering their own versions. 


Screen Simplification and Masking

Purple puzzle piece that has the letters "rw" on itThe Read&Write Chrome extension from TextHelp can function as a literacy tool to read your screen out loud; it also has a “simplify page” tool and screen masking feature. The simplify page tool will convert webpages into mainly text and change the color of the text and background. In addition, the screen masking feature allows you to shade out everything on a page except for a specified band of text for reading.

Rectangle with three lines in the middleReader View is another Chrome extension that changes a webpage’s text size, layout, background images, and more to improve readability. The settings can be personalized to change the width of the reader view, the font size, and the type of font.