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Adjusting Your Study Habits for Online Classes

Accessibility Features and D2L

The Brightspace website has a lot of information about their accessibility features. Below are summarized some tips, but check out their website to learn more!

Personal Account Settings


Font settings can be adjusted D2L under "Account Settings". Option include small, medium, large and huge. There is a preview option below so that you can see what the font will look like. An image showing the font settings on D2L and the sentence preview that is available.

Discussion Boards:

Simplify the layout of your discussion boards, turn off the "Always show the Discussion List Pane" option. Another option is to turn off the preview pane and have topics displayed in a grid view.

Shows what the display settings checkbox looks like on D2L.Shows under the "default view" heading for discussion boards where there are a grid view and a reading view option.Display heading for D2L with options to check off "show previous pane" and "show search bar" on discussion boards.

Calendar Settings

"Agenda View" shows course events from all active courses by date, course, or type. The "List View" displays all events from active courses in chronological order. It can be filtered by the type of event.

Agenda view:

An example of what the calendar header on D2L would look like under "agenda view" with the ability to shift between events based on date, course, and category.

List View:An example of the calendar header on D2L under "list view" with the ability to filter by assignments, checklists, discussions, events, grades, materials, modules, quizzes, and surveys.

Notification Settings

 The Pulse App can be found on both the App Store and Google Play. This can be an alternative method of keeping yourself organized using your phone. The app functions very similar to the D2L webpage.

You can also choose what type of settings you want for instant notifications. Sometimes keeping all of the notifications on can be overwhelming when you open your email and not particularly helpful. Start with all notifications turned on and gradually turn off the options that you do not find as helpful to you. A view of the "instant notification" settings on D2L where you can opt for certain notifications to come by text, email, both, or neither.