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Student Study Breaks

Check out this awesome guide to help you figure out what's what during Study Breaks! Study Breaks are put together by the Bellack Library, OSAS, and Operations at the end of each semester.

Stress Management Guidelines

The American Heart Association suggests 4 ways to manage stress:

  1. Positive Self-talk
    Transition from negative self-talk to positive self-talk. Instead of a "can't do" attitude, have a "can do" attitude.

  2. Emergency Stress Stoppers
    "Stress stoppers help you deal with stress on the spot."

  3. Finding Pleasure
    Do things that you enjoy! Whether it's watching TV, listening to music, or going for a long walk, do something that you like to help relieve stress.

  4. Daily Relaxation
    Remember to practice relaxation, e.g. yoga, meditation. Studies show that relaxation techniques can help relieve stress.

Stress Management Apps

Need some stress management tips? Check out these phone apps!

Know of a good resource for stress management? Drop us a line at